versico Versico versico 300x151Versico has a wide range of single-ply roofing systems to meet almost any building design. From our EPDM line of VersiGard Roofing Systems to our heat weldable lines, VersiWeld TPO and VersiFlex PVC Roofing Systems. And with a whole line of accessory products and insulation, Versico has the ability to solve your roofing needs. As one of the largest single-ply roofing manufacturers in the world, Versico   Incorporated continues to offer quality and expertise in the commercial roofing marketplace. For over 18 years, Versico has provided the low-slope roofing industry with the most innovative solutions available.

From their classic black and white EPDM membranes to their energy efficient   TPO and PVC roof systems, Versico has the ability to solve all your roofing needs. Offering a complete line of accessories featuring factory-controlled,   pre-applied adhesives, Versico provides contractors and building owners with a number of labor and cost-saving options.

All Versico roof systems come standard with industry-leading warranties,   ranging from 5 to 30 years, depending on the application. Offering superior customer service, Versico’s highly trained Warranty Services professionals will ensure that building owners are completely satisfied with their Versico roof throughout its entire service life.

Versi-Gard:                 Versico Incorporated proudly offers its   VersiGard® EPDM roof systems. VersiGard’s full line of reinforced and non-reinforced 45-, 60- and 90-mil membranes offer excellent material longevity,   weatherability, and elasticity. Available with a host of pressure-sensitive,   pre-fabricated accessories, VersiGard roof systems provide an easily installed,   long-term solution for any low-slope roof application.

Versi-Flex:                 Versico Incorporated is proud to offer   VersiFlex® PVC roof systems. Versico’s 50-, 60- and 80-mil VersiFlex membranes feature a strong polyester-reinforced fabric scrim encapsulated between two layers of PVC membrane. Complimenting Versico’s VersiWeld® TPO product line,   VersiFlex roof systems offer another superior Versico option when specifying   reflective, “cool” roof systems

Versi-Weld:                 Versico Incorporated offers VersiWeld®   Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), an ENERGY STAR-rated membrane that offers superior reflectivity. VersiWeld TPO membranes feature strong, heat-welded seams   that exceed the ASTM minimum for all applicable standards. Available with 5-,   10- or 20-year Total System Warranties, VersiWeld roof systems are designed to   provide years of performance.