Storm and Hail Damage Wichita

While, it is relatively easy to stop hail damage on windows, siding and vehicles it takes a trained professional to evaluate the damage that a roof can have from a hail storm. Tonight a strong line of storms moved through Kansas impacting many areas including Ford, Wichita, Prospect and McPherson with large hail up to 2″75 inches. If your property has been impacted by these storms call the professionals at statewide roofing for pre-insurance roofing inspection. When it comes to discovering damage on your roof, identifying and preventing potential leaks can be difficult and insurance companies may have claim periods for making a claim.

DO NOT CLIMB ON YOUR ROOF IF YOU ARE UNSTEADY OR UNSURE.  Call the professionals at Statewide Roofing for an Honest roofing evaluation.

When it comes to protecting your internal property structure, maintaining your roof’s condition is critical. Many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the damage to the roof caused by hail, but it must be assessed and identified correctly.

1. Search for Damage on the Metal
When checking a metal roof, inspect the vents, flashing, and metal valleys for dents. Especially if the metal is soft, you may notice the size of the hail damage.

2. Inspect the Top of the Roof
Be careful when climbing up the roof – make sure that the ladder is secure against the siding.

Inspect the ridge cap carefully for signs of damage. Because this area is flat and sits at the highest point of the roof, it is likely to receive the most damage.
Inspect the shingles. When scanning for damage, be sure to check all edges for dents and cracks.

3. Identify the Type of Hail Damage
The 3 types of damage on a roof include bruising, cracking, and missing granules from asphalt. For an efficient roof inspection, follow these steps:

Look for cracks in the shingles. Large pieces of hail can cause circular cracks on the shingles after a hard landing.
Missing pieces of asphalt will indicate signs of damage. If you find any shingles that expose the black substrate, they will need to be professionally repaired before next rainfall.
Check for bruising in the shingles. This kind of damage cannot always be visible, so you will have to feel for small dents, pressing to see if you can push it in. If so, the area has begun to deteriorate.
Inspect for Other Kinds of Damage.  Call Statewide Roofing for a pre-insurance roofing inspection in Wichita.